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Don't Blog? Why You're Making a Big Mistake

Blogs are often disregarded as a strong marketing method, but why? Their benefits far outweigh their negatives, with the negatives only impacting you when the blogs have not been created correctly. The only thing you need is a high-quality writer and time to benefit from this impressive list of advantages, read on to find out more!


Increases search traffic - Blogging is one of the best ways to optimise your search results. If you add more content to your site, more pages from your site become indexed in search engines, making you more likely to appear high in search results. However, you cannot write a blog with 0 relevance to your site and not be what your visitors want to see. Make sure it is quality over quantity and directly relates to your problem-solving solution (product or service).


Humanisation - Content shows what your company can do, but you need to humanise your brand in order to translate as trustworthy. A brand which is reliable is ideal for customers, therefore make sure to humanise and personalise all content. Blogs especially need to be accurate, yet human, as it is a place for customers to see your business as a valuable source.


Social media support - Unique content is vital on your social media platforms, but you will want to infiltrate content which can lead your followers to your website- this is where blogs are important. Your blogs will be on your website, therefore if you are sharing posts urging customers to click the link, they will be directed to the site and most likely explore other areas. Your website is the main hub with the goal of converting customers, therefore using attractive blogs to get customers there solves half the battle.


Authoritative positioning - The goal for any business is to be seen as a thought leader in your industry. Not only does this position set you apart from competitors, it also brings you more opportunities to grow your business to be number 1 seller in your industry. Being an authoritative member, you will go on to increase conversion rates, therefore, improve profit.


Improves conversion rates - If you cannot provide consistent publishing of blogs, you may be better off not having a blog at all. Consistency is key in the world of marketing. A blog which is accurate, effective and builds brand loyalty will therefore directly correlate with your conversion rate.


Generates inbound links - Inbound links are vital to getting your website high on the search results and gaining traffic. Without a blog, it can be extremely hard to gain such links as you are not providing value to other sites or visitors.


Increase leads - There is a direct link between the number of pages you have and the number of leads you generate. Therefore, the more you blog the more leads you will gain as you are providing more value for them. More leads increase your chances of making a sell, something which all businesses need to make a priority in their marketing strategy and plan.


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