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Does your business really need a blog? Yes, and here’s why.

In the blogging early days of the late ‘90s and early 2000s, the blogging arena was dominated by individuals who used it as a platform place to express the personal accounts of their daily lives and activities.

Then people realised their blogs could earn them money and blogging exploded.

Now we all follow, read, and interact with blogs from individuals and businesses alike every day. You can find blogs on pretty much any topic from travel and leisure activities, to investment and banking advice.

But how can a blog help your business?

Here’s four reasons you’ll want to start building your business blog today:

  • All eyes on you – Blogging is a brilliant way to improve your brand awareness and traffic by attracting new visitors to your website. We all turn to search engines to solve our everyday problems, if someone finds your blog in a set of search engine results and it looks like it will provide a solution they will click through and become a site visitor. Every time you publish a new blog post you are creating a new webpage and with it an increase in traffic through more chances to attract site visitors.
  • The start of something big – You sent them an invitation to view your content and they RSVP’d yes. Now what? Blogging can help you turn your website visitors into leads. They were interested in the piece of content they searched for, your other content could be relevant to them as well, by inserting related internal links into your blogs and making relevant call to action statements you are promoting your business offerings to the right people who will find them helpful and valuable.
  • Stand up and be counted – Standing out as an expert in your industry is beneficial in many ways, at the top of this list is trust and authority. If your blog provides relevant, helpful and consistent content people will sit up and take notice, returning to you as a source of trustworthy and educational content. Over time, this builds a sense of trust and loyalty that will convert prospects to customers and give you an added edge over your competitors.
  • Informed customers are better customers – Before we make a purchase, we naturally want to educate ourselves in the area to assess the available options and make an informed decision. Most of us will do that online, if you can educate and address the questions of your potential customers better than any other operators in your area, you will be held as the most knowledgeable and competent at what you do. Prospects that learn through your content will build a relationship with you that they value and trust in aiding them to make better buying decisions, pushing them through the customers journey more effortlessly towards making a purchase and becoming a customer.
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