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Do I need an SEO Company to succeed in today's world?

With the ever growing need of having an online presence to succeed as a business. SEO has been a prominent technique that has been utilized by both small and large businesses for many years...

This may have led you to ask... Do I need an SEO Company?

Do I need an SEO Company? Let's answer the basics

What is SEO?

SEO stands for (Search Engine Optimization) and is exactly how it sounds; How are websites optimized for their search engines?

SEO is a form of organic search which is an unpaid form of search and is achieved through the natural ranking of your website through your specific Search Engine. This form of search is usually earned through the relevance of your website to the search query.

So... How does it work?

Search engines such as Google have various algorithms that keep track of websites, and they determine how highly ranked the website will be linked depending on the quality of the content that it consists of.

Here are two key factors that affect results page ranking -

  • Keywords - Keywords are a big factor when it comes to ranking as these keywords are essential in the search query when someone is searching for something in the search engine. Businesses look to secure keywords (Commonly used words or phrases) when people are searching for their products or services as it will increase their overall website traffic.

  • Quality of your content - Well, this is self-explanatory, sure you might have spent a lot of time on your website but have you remembered to keep your content unique and interesting?

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Quality content is what keeps the readers reading and will increase your conversion rates as people will be more interested in what you are offering. Remembering to regularly update your content is also very important as it shows both the search engine and regular visitors that your website is producing fresh content that is retaining high quality,  therefore your website will rank higher.

With the ever evolving algorithm of Google, companies have to adapt with these changes in order to maintain their high result page rankings, despite that fact, Google’s algorithms aren’t the only things that evolve, SEO does too.

Why now more than ever...

As of late, people have been speculating the ‘SEO’ as higher quality content is being valued higher over the use of keywords. Though this is just speculation, that fact is, SEO is still the most significant driving force behind website traffic. Studies have shown 43% of searches were determined by website rankings as of late 2017. Taking account of the fact that 79% of people take appropriate action before making a decision (e.g researching before buying a product) just goes to show how SEO is still alive and kicking.

Now, in account of how you can adapt to the changes of how SEO is approached, consider these following factors:

  • As mentioned above, is your content fresh and of high quality? Also look at the past statistics, are people actually reading your blogs? Or will you have to make some changes so that people become more interested in the content you post?

  • Are you still making good use of your keywords? How many keywords have you secured? In terms of which keywords have given you a competitive advantage over your rival businesses

(keywords that place you higher on Search Engine Results Pages).

  • People are more trusting of Organic Pages in comparison to Paid Pages as organic pages are more likely to be trustworthy as they have earned the ranking that has been recognised by the search engine.

  • Are you keeping your regular customers happy? It is harder and more expensive to find a new customer than retaining your current ones. Focus your blog post topics on something that will add value to your customers. Look at regularly updating your social media as people tend to spend a lot of their time on social media.


So why do I Need an SEO Company? 

These are all factors that will help you survive in this changing world of digital marketing, and how you adapt to these changes will determine your success. You are in control of your prosperity, keeping the delicate balance of website quality and SEO optimization will surely lead to you and your business finding success.


We have created a digital marketing resource page, why not check it out? It is about all things digital marketing and inbound marketing. We have listed informational blogs about inbound marketing methodology, SEO, content creation and social media management. 

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