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Digital Printing To 3D Printing

There are many types of printing available to customers, in this blog I’ll be discussing some of these types of printing and how they differ from one another. Each have one advantage over the other so present different solutions meaning some are more suitable than others for different situations.


Digital Printing

This is one of the most recent print types available with most people using it for business purposes, its quick and efficient usage is what provides flexibility for everyone to use. However, its lack of accuracy when it comes to colour has also caused some to go against it and also has a limited number of copies.


Traditional Offset Printing

As it's mentioned in the name you can guess that this method of printing is more traditional. It involves heavy machinery slowly processing the image required for printing. This form of printing requires the inked image being transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket surface then to the printing surface. This method allows a wider range of printing as you can print on a variety of different sets of materials. Though, it takes longer to process traditional offset printing as can do an unlimited amount of printing.


Laser Printing

This form of printing produces high quality printing of texts and graphics. A laser beam scans over the drum back and forth to differentiate the image. The drum then selectively collects charged powder ink and transfers the image to the paper. This is then permanently heated in order to permanently fuse the text or graphics to the paper.


3D Printing Services

This method of printing is used to make loads of different modelled three-dimensional objects. This type of printing requires the layer underneath. The object’s created can be of any shape therefore has flexibility too but does take time for it to load.

There's only a few types of printing listed here there are many more types of printing that are around but these were long before and rarely used now because of the time it takes or the cost.


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