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Creating Your Brand Strategy

When starting a new business or even if your business is getting on a bit, there are 3 documents that no business owner should be without. The Business Plan is the first, then a Marketing Plan and last, but no means least is the Brand Strategy for the business. Your company branding sometimes falls under the Marketing Plan, but having it as its own document is very beneficial for your business.

Stand Out in The Crowd

Many of us have a unique way of doing things and want to find customers that feel the same. How are these customers going to find you if you don't show off your uniqueness? Dr Seuss tells us, "Why fit in when you were born to stand out" and that is some sound advice. Let the marketplace know why they should be fighting to get the chance to work with you in this wonderful digital marketing age.


Get to Know Your Customers

Once you know who you are and have identified your service's wonderful uniqueness, it's time to think about who your perfect clients are that you want to work with. This is not just thinking about the market as a whole.  Think about the individual and their persona and what makes them act. The more specific you can make your brand strategy, the more you will resonate with your target persona. Don't worry about the people on the fringe as they can be the next target when you review your personas.

Give Your Company a Personality

Make people want to interact with your business by giving it some depth. Anyone can write words on their home page about how they love their clients and add value, but are they actually doing this, and if so, are they following through with it? With Digital Marketing, it's easy for people to see those companies that have a personality and can engage with clients.


Share This Information

Unlike elements of the other documents, your Branding Strategy should not be some big secret that only the shareholders or owners know. A Brand Strategy needs to be embraced by your whole team, including those you outsource to. If you are telling people you are a fun company, but the person who delivers your product or service is in a suit and grumpy, people may question how fun you really are. Anyone you involve in your company, is your company.

Make sure that they are treated as they should and they are brought into your Brand Strategy. Give them all a copy of the company branding document so that they can help you reach your vision.

We hope this helps get you started on creating an effective Brand Strategy, if you have any other great tips or any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Read this blog post if you would like to check if your company branding is working. 

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