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How to over come a Business Growth Slump

It can be found that a lot of businesses encounter a ‘slump’ at various times in the year. Although business may have been booming throughout the year, particular months can be a struggle for some. You will want to have continuous success rather than relying on peak times to get through the low times. Therefore, we have written this blog with the best marketing methods that are sure to help your overcome your growth slump.

On average, social media posts receive 10x more engagement when they feature a video than without. Tap into these statistics by producing impressive visuals and you will reap the benefits. Perhaps a timelapse of your office decorating the Christmas tree, a product focus or even a gif! The possibilities are endless for your company- get creative and your audience will be engaged.
User-Generated Content

We all want to have the most engaging content to share with our followers, but free and engaging content? Even better. This is where user-generated content is your best friend. Share and respond to your customers’ content, this not only allows them to feel personally involved with your brand, but it may also be the deciding factor for users who were toying with the idea of purchasing from you. Did you know that more than 90% of consumers say they trust their peers’ opinion over direct advertising methods? Use this percentage to your benefit. 
Live footage

If you are hosting an event or are doing something that you believe your customers would like to see, why not go live? Something perhaps not as exploited as it should, the opportunity to watch something live is an appealing thought for many. If you are worried this would not be useful as potential followers may miss the fun, not to worry! You can save the live video and keep it present on your social media profile for users to watch whenever best for them.
Deals, discounts, competitions, giveaways

Your customer’s involvement with your brand is what has allowed you to have your brand thrive in the industry. Give users something that will directly benefit them. When giving something back to loyal or potential customers, they will appreciate the company. Although the focus is on pleasing the customer, your business will also reap the benefits. For example, you could offer a 25% off saving on XXX products, or perhaps a free 3-month trial of your XXX software. This pleases users as well as potentially resulting in a sale for you.

Remain an active presence

Communication is key to a thriving customer base. Users want to be able to contact businesses at any time of day, regarding any matter they see fit. You will want to be an active presence so that your communication with customers is always open and available. Regardless of the type of business you are, always being available means the likelihood of purchase increases.
Office Festivities

Show your business behind the scenes and users will feel personally involved with the brand. It is important to show faces in a hugely digitally dominated environment, prove you are not robots! This highlights your ability to be emphatic, helpful and resourceful therefore customers will be more likely to start their purchasing journey. Showing office activities such as team lunches, coffee breaks and company bake offs may sound simple enough but showing this can truly impact your audience’s opinion on your business.


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