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High Bounce Rate? Stop Customer’s From Leaving Your Site

If you are struggling to gain leads or make sales, it may be because you have a high bounce rate. A bounce rate is when someone opens a single page on your website, then exits quickly without doing anything on the page, e.g. clicks, navigates to another page, interacts with the content etc. It is your main pages such as your home, contact us, product/services that need to have as low of a bounce rate as possible, if they are high then there may be a specific reason which is off-putting visitors. Keep reading to find out how you can minimise your bounce rate!

Readable content

Expert content is essential, but do not overdo it. Too much information can be just as bad as too little, make sure you are straight to the point, easy to read and worthwhile. Think of your customers as lazy readers, only give them what they NEED to know in order to progress in their purchasing journey. As well as the amount of text, your layout will also need to be considered so that visually it is not aggressive for the reader. Utilise paragraphs, sections, subheadings etc.

Do not have popups

Unless absolutely necessary, or a rare occasion- do not have popups. On average, 70% of web users say that when unrelated adverts appear on screen it is offputting and prevent them for looking further into the website. An example of a good pop up would be ‘Sign up for our newsletter and receive a 20% off secret code’. This gives you something precious and gives them something in return- a worthwhile popup.


Useful offers allow users to receive something beneficial which will most likely mean visitors will spend more time on site. Make sure to keep them clear and above the fold (this is the area of the page that you see before the need to scroll down) so that your customers see the offer straight away and utilise your expertise. There is a clear correlation between bounce rate and weak CTAs, do not let your website fall into this trap.


Keep your blogs up-to-date, useful and beneficial to users. If you are creating content that is useless, you would have wasted your time and energy whilst probably increasing your bounce rate. Use a variety of themes, topics and news to keep your blog section interesting for a variety of visitors.

Attract your target audience

Perhaps the most obvious, but if you are attracting the right people they will stay on site. If you are enticing the wrong people they will quickly abandon once they realise you do not have what they desire. Therefore, ensure your marketing techniques are targeted and specific to keep that dreaded % down.

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