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MySQL vs. phpMyAdmin In Web Development

Ok, so there may be people out there in the web development sector wondering whether or not it would be easier to use the MySQL (SQL) workbench or phpMyAdmin (PMA) for the management of their database(s). This article is 100% opinionated and all falls down to personal preference and what you feel is more ergonomical.

User Experience 

In my opinion, SQL is much easier to see things and feels much less cramped than PMA, especially for when it comes to typing in your code and then viewing the results. However, I personally prefer, although it is more cramped, it feels like it does what it does to a much higher standard and feels a lot more well-made than the MySQL workbench does.

Useful Elements


I prefer it for the following reasons: It's much easier to create your database, tables, coloumns etc. as it can all be done by clicking and you don't need to know any of the MySQL language, which is a big help if you're just starting out! Another reason I prefer to use phpMyAdmin over the MySQL workbench is when you view your database(s), they look much more like what you would expect a database to look like, whereas in the MySQL workbench it just looks like a regular table and can be misleading.


Personal Preference 


Although both pieces of software do the exact same thing, just with different interfaces, there isn't much difference of the performance side of things, they're both fast and responsive, and if there is an error the software notifies you so that you are aware and are able to see what is wrong and fix the mistake.

There will always be rivalry between the two and people will always bicker about which one is better and more efficient, however, there is no real right or wrong answer, it all comes down to personal preference as I said before.


Trial and Error


I have used both pieces of software in the past now and I have to say that in the beginning I thought the MySQL was so much better and so much more efficient, but now I realise, having used phpMyAdmin, it is much faster and easier to achieve the same result.


For example:


If I were to create a table for the project I am currently working on, I would have to type out line after line of code, not only would it get repetitive, but it would start eating up the time that I knew I didn't have to waste. Whereas using phpMyAdmin, it's much easier and faster to create the tables I need for my project in much less time. However, I must admit that in the beginning of using phpMyAdmin I got lost a few times and had to start over and got a little confused with the interface but once I got to know it, it all became a second nature. Yet as already mentioned, it comes down to what you prefer, some people prefer to type out the code themselves, whilst others prefer to get it over and done with in a few clicks! 


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