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Bang for Your Buck Marketing: How to Repurpose Webinar Content

So you have organised a fantastic webinar and it's full of great information and content. Below we will show you how to repurpose webinar content in various ways to continue to reap the benefits of your webinar. They tend to go by quite quickly. Coordinating speakers, polishing presentations, promoting the event - all that work and then it's done in a flash, so let's make sure its worth it!


Here are 5 ways you can repurpose webinars


Because webinars leave you with so much new material and data in so many different forms, they're easy to spin off into other content types, like videos, blog posts, and reference sheets.


1) Truncate webinar recordings into short videos


People will rarely watch an hour-long webinar. So within mind let's aim this a smaller video showcasing the highlights.


Turning your webinar into a 3 to 5-minute highlight reel and posting the video to your YouTube channel and website, will likely garner more attention and social shares than your untouched webinar recording will.


2) Use Any Leftover Q&A Content


If you’re hosting webinars on cutting-edge topics and featuring reputable and engaging speakers, you’ve likely had to cut short the Q&A at the end of the session. If getting too many questions and not having enough time is your problem, be thankful! It’s a great problem to have, as you can use these questions to your advantage.


3) Ask Your Speakers For The Slides


The speaker likely put quite a bit of time into creating slides that were both informative and (hopefully) nice to look at. Many speakers like their slides to be shared since it’s good exposure for them and will further solidify their place as a thought leader in their industry.


4) Create a Search-Optimized Transcript of Your Webinar


One shortcoming of offering up a recorded video of your webinar is that all the content is locked up in audio format that isn’t digestible by search engines. Creating a transcript of your webinar and making some minor tweaks to include longtail keywords, though, is a great way to generate search engine traffic over the long term.


5) Syndicate a Full Recording of Your Webinar


If your webinar is a valuable piece of thought leadership, it’s worth doing some footwork to see if any of your co-marketing partners are interested in syndicating the content for lead generation.


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