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Agency VS In-house Marketing: Who Will Prevail?

The creative elements of a business are often assigned to the youngest member of the team as they know how to use some of the adobe products. This is the wrong way to think of marketing. It is a direct contributor to your sales figures, brand identity and future as a business, therefore should be taken seriously. In this week's blog, we discuss Agency VS In-house Marketing: Who Will Prevail? Keep reading to find out. 

Most business owners believe that they cannot afford the resources to outsource branding to a Company Branding Agency. We would argue that companies cannot afford not to....



Although this is the biggest issue, we can tell you that it will save you money in the long run. You can pay internal employees to try their best at design, e-blasting, blogging, posting and managing social media outlets, strategising ad placements, etc. However, time is money. Why get them spending twice as long on something that will yield average results, when you can hire an outside agency and get the team member doing what they are best at.




So you have asked someone in house to create you a website and create your logo because they have an interest in that. They create a nice logo and get part way through the website and then they get a job offer and leave. The next person cannot edit the logo and it's not the correct file type to add to an email signature. The website is ok, but the new person prefers and recommends a different type of code. These are just basic issues, imagine how big the issues are when creating marketing material, shop signage, increasing the pages on the website, etc.


If you have a company you can hold accountable, then you will be able to make sure things are done, completed and can later be edited.




Unless you have someone on staff who is 100%, wholly dedicated to marketing and design, there’s just not enough time in the day to keep up with the branding needs of a mid-sized business. To-do lists are forgotten, social media posts are missed, ads are only half-way complete, concepts are not well thought-out, and your brand image begins to vanish.


Outsourcing this means that you only have to deal with the raw figures and approve things rather than get you/team members hands dirty with the doing.




It's rare to find an expert in both Marketing and Design, let alone in your own company among your team. Even big companies will have one person for each role. The beauty of an Agency is that they will have an experts in both, so you get your message across in an aesthetically pleasing way aka increase leads!


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