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9 Ideas For Twitter Lists For Your Business

We have previously spoken about Twitter Lists, now we will provide you with 9 ideas on how to use Twitter lists to benefit your business. There are many advantages to using this social media option, so why not utilise it? Especially because it is free!

Event attendees - If you have an upcoming event, why not collate a list of those who are attending the event? This allows you to keep track of their social media publishing, spotting opportunities to interact with them to get your company seen by their audience. This also enables ease of promotion of your event and business as you can quickly see any tweets about your event.

Collate those with similar interests - Why not segment your following into sections depending on their interests, this will make the achievement of your business objectives easier. This can also develop your stance as a thought leader in the industry as you are able to see more specific information on your timeline. 

It could also mean you have better content to share with your other followers. For example, you know 10 companies which provide the best social media tips and tricks, putting those into a list can make it easier to find their up to date posts to share with your own following.

Recommended accounts - A public list recommending other helpful accounts can be highly valuable to a follower, they will appreciate you directing them to other similar profiles.

Client list - A private list containing all your clients Twitter posts can keep you up to date on what they are doing on this social media platform. This, in turn, can promote new ideas, recommendations or even product development.

‘Follow me’ list - This could be a list of profiles which you wish would notice your business and follow you. By seeing and engaging with every post they make, it will, in turn, make it easier to get yourself noticed. We recommend keeping this list to only 10 people at a time to keep efforts focused and realistic.

Competitor list - Perhaps one of the most important and effective lists. Competitor research and analysis is vital to your business objectives, therefore you can put them all into one list making it easier to stay up to date on their own marketing methods.

Industry leaders list - There may be a few people in your industry which are vital to follow. Do not let their profile get lost on your timeline, there may be valuable information which is vital for your business to know, therefore a list will ensure you never miss anything.

Valuable private list - Why not make a private ‘group’ on Twitter for customers who you think would benefit from this extra insight into your industry. This is the process of recognising and rewarding.

Geographical location lists - Why not compile users or businesses in your area to keep up to date on community news. Or perhaps you want insight into a different location which could help with future marketing efforts. 

If you would like to know more about Twitter lists or our Social Media Services in particular,  please do not hesitate to contact us- Give us a call on 01702 410663 or email us at

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