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6 Marketing Ideas for Startup Businesses And Sole Traders

No matter the size of your business, you will need to market your product/service. Marketing techniques need to be included in your business strategy and plan in order to get customers, convert them into leads and increase sales figures. However, as a sole trader we do not expect you to have an extensive budget, therefore you will need to be creative with the budget you do have. Here are our top 6 ideas to market your new business.

  1. Build a website

Your website will be the main hub of knowledge, brand story and overall convincer to get people from visitor to customer. Your entire basis should be included on your site, with all marketing activities directing users to a specific page in order to be measured and analysed. This should be the main use of your budget, trust me- it will be worth it! (as long as you choose a trustworthy and experienced web designer that is).

  1. Include a blog on your new website

Once your website has been made, make sure to have a blog section included and regularly publish helpful content for visitors. This will not only help your potential customers, it will also contribute to your search rank, position in the industry and ability to connect with similar local companies. We advise creating a range of content to keep your brand fresh and intriguing to your target audience.

  1. Use social media

Due to the current era being dominated by social media, you would be crazy not to utilise this impactful, helpful and FREE tool. Yes, this will require time and creativity but the benefits you could collect make it the ideal choice for your business. As long as your product/service and target audience allow it, make sure to get your company online!

  1. Use video content

Yes, image-based content works wonders in converting customers, but video… revolutionary! Did you know, on average, 90% of customers said a video helped with their purchasing decision? With such a high %, if you have the time and resources it should be on your marketing plan. Even if you create 3 professional videos and use them for a variety of marketing techniques you will see your analytics positively rise.

  1. Start email marketing

Now you have some customers, it is time to start email marketing. It is much easier to develop customers into repeat purchasers than trying to entice new ones in. Email marketing will help to do this. In your emails include reminders, helpful blogs, personalised content, offers, discounts, company news etc to keep your users buying more!

  1. Incentives

Best way to convince visitors to buy? Incentives. This could be free products, free delivery, discounted items, offers- if you are giving users something which would benefit them they will most likely use it. You could provide an incentive to encourage more to purchase, but you could also do it to increase newsletter subscribers, social media followers, brand awareness and industry presence, all will highly advantage your business.

If you would like more information about marketing for sole trader businesses, please do not hesitate to contact us- Give us a call on 01702 410663 or email us at

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