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5 Simple Ways to Create an Effective Social media Strategy 

Social media is changing rapidly everyday, so it’s important that you keep up with how it is changing. There are 5 simple steps that you can follow to ensure that your social media is up to date and will help you get the best results for your business.

These 5 steps are:

  • Set yourself SMART goals
  • Create social media content plan
  • Meet your audience 
  • Use optimization offers
  • Tie efforts back to the return on investment (ROI)

If you do all these steps, then you have finally found that you can be effective with creating a social media strategy.

1) Set yourself SMART goals

Firstly, setting yourself SMART goals will help you out with knowing what you want, this will push your social media efforts forward to help you achieve the best. SMART goals consist of 5 elements which are; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely. These are here to help you out for the future as by setting yourself these goals, you will have something to go by when making decisions. You must make sure that these goals are all the above and you will be ready to set off into the social media pathway making yourself effective in the industry.

2) Create social media content plan 

Next, is to create your social media content plan, this is important as without content, social media wouldn’t be as engaging and popular as it is today. This stage is planning what content you would want on your page and what social media sites you would want to engage them on. This part contributes to the success of social media, as this is where you are brainstorming all your ideas and they will start to come together. One thing that you must be sure on is that you put the right content for the right social media. For example, a blog post would be more appropriate for a site like Facebook, where as YouTube it would not. 

3) Meet your audience

Then it’s to meet your audience where they are, meaning that you’ve got to identify the platforms that your personas are on, you can find this out many ways by running surveys, running experiments, conducting research... the list goes on. Once you figure out where your audience is, you will want to find how to optimise these results.

4) Use optimisation offers 

Optimisation is next and there are 4 ways in social media to achieve the best outcome, that is, platform, message, visuals and results. You need to think carefully when choosing what platform to use, this is because they are engaging customers differently and have a different purpose. Most social media platforms have a limit on how much you can write so this means its time to get creative with wording, making the message short but engaging. You also must make sure that visual images keep the reader engaged with what you are putting across to them.

To get the best result, it's best to test your ideas so you can choose what’s best for your content.

5) Tie efforts back to the return on investment (ROI) 

Lastly is tie efforts back to the return on investment (ROI), you can do this by checking the reach, which is used to measure the size of the audience that you could potentially get. Then there is engagement where they measure how much interaction that the brand gets, but you can also get audience growth where you get more customers in making your social media grow.

There you have the 5 simple ways to create an effective social media strategy.

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