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25 Facebook Marketing Tips To Give You A Competitive Edge

Social media is dominating the world of marketing right now, because of this we have collated 25 of our favourite marketing tips which are sure to give you the competitive edge in your industry.


  1. Reuse content - If a piece of content worked well before, why not tweak it and repost? Of course, leave some time in between this depending on how popular it was.
  2. Update your profile picture - Your profile picture doesn't need to just be your logo, why not amend it depending on the season, holiday, month (e.g. mental awareness month, pride month), even promotions. Think of the profile picture as a billboard.
  3. Pin an important post - If you have an important post which you do not want to get lost on your profile timeline, pin it so that it is the first post anyone sees. Great for events, competitions or company news.
  4. Include social media buttons in your emails - Give your audiences routes to keep in contact, social media is one of the best ways to humanise your brand and have an informal space to communicate with customers.
  5. Be transparent - Social media is intended to be informal, make sure you translate yourself to be as truthful as possible. A transparent company is a more reliable one.
  6. Facebook ads - If you have the budget, why not boost posts to reach and engage a lot more people than just your following. The algorithm can make it tough to reach new people, FB ads make this easier.
  7. Have a Facebook competition - Users love the possibility of winning a prize, why not increase engagement by running a contest both satisfying the customer and spreading the word of your brand.
  8. Utilise video content - Video is becoming the most effective way of engaging audiences, use it!
  9. Facebook live - Not many brands have cracked the option of Facebook live, educate yourself and this may be the big break you have been waiting for.
  10. Make use of analytics - Data will dictate what is working well and what isn't, therefore can refine your strategy.
  11. Visuals are key - Visuals perform a lot better than text alone, do not let your post get lost on the timeline.
  12. Trial and error posts which work for you - The process of trial and error will highlight what works best for you. Once you have figured out what performs the best against objectives you can tweak your schedule accordingly.
  13. Include a CTA in your posts - Tell your followers what they should do, they need guidance in order to do something. Examples include ‘Contact us now’ ‘Like the post if you enjoyed our 25 Facebook Marketing Tips’ ‘Comment with suggestions!’
  14. Use emojis/feelings - Younger audiences love an emoji, if this relates to your target audience then make sure to use factors which could make the difference in your post’s engagement.
  15. Use infographics to communicate what you are saying - Another method of visual appeal, create infographics to translate what you are saying.
  16. Share followers content - Your followers most often produce content which could be highly beneficial to you, make sure to share it! This will also give that user a sense of appreciation of the brand.
  17. Use GIFs if they suit your brand - If your branding is in line with the use of GIFs make sure to include them, the rise has seen engagement skyrocket.
  18. Do not ignore weekends - You may be a business which works 9-5 Monday-Friday, but that doesn't mean your followers only want to see content then. Make use of the best time of days for your content (analytics tools will highlight this information).
  19. Respond as quickly as possible - Slow responses are pretty much hated by everyone, they can easily tarnish reputation. Do not let questions and comments go unanswered for long periods of time.
  20. Create a FB group - A private FB group can be highly beneficial to followers as well as providing insight for you about your audience.
  21. Use correct image dimensions - There is no point posting an image which will be cropped, therefore be ineffective. Educate yourself on size best practices to ensure your content is never ruined.
  22. Automation is key - Using a service where you can automate posts can save you time and energy as well as providing content whilst ‘out-of-office’ for followers. A great example is HubSpot!
  23. Share/encourage reviews - Your reviews are the main way of convincing a user to purchase from you, make sure to share any new reviews which you receive and ask customers to leave feedback on your facebook page.
  24. Facebook exclusive offers - This can be particularly useful if you have seen a decline in Facebook compared to your other social media platforms.
  25. Test post length - Some audiences prefer short posts and some may prefer long, make sure to test what works best for your followers.

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