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Young Enterprise Essex County Finals 2018

07 Heaven is proud to announce that we were asked to choose the winner of the ‘Best Website’ award at the Young Enterprise Essex County Finals 2018.

Needless to say, all entries were very impressive!

Below are some examples of the criteria which students had to meet:

Websites should be designed to appeal to the target audience. With this in mind, a YE company should approach their website as they would any other form of marketing.

  • Does the website have a clear brand image and message being relayed to the audience?
  • Is the layout of the pages attractive, encouraging use of the website?
  • Does the website have a clearly defined navigation system, which is easy to follow and understand?
  • Has the use of images and multimedia been effectively used to enhance the experience of the user?
  • Has a search engine facility been provided to assist the user?


Students blew us away with how they were able to create websites of such a high standard, we would like to thank all those who entered - You should be very proud of yourselves!

Here are the links to the finalist’s websites: - Colchester Royal Grammar School (PRYZM) - Colchester Royal Grammar School (THE FLO GROUP) - Appleton School (OUTSIDE THE BOX) - Appleton School (FR3SH) - Appleton School (SKY HIGH) - Appleton School (ARTIS)


Luke Stillwell, Managing Director at 07 Heaven, said the following about the winner:

“Congratulations! I chose ‘Outside The Box’ as the winner due to its ability to meet all criteria set by the Young Enterprise County Finals. The site functioned well and I did not encounter any errors which is important for a website as it reflects on a brand’s identity. The site very nearly met the standard which I would expect from a professional web developer- not an easy thing to do so well done.”

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