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WINNS Services: A Case Study

WINNS Services is a company that provides professional security and cleaning services to a range of commercial and domestic properties. WINNS came to us at 07 Heaven as they felt their level of growth could far exceed what they had developed so far. They realised the ability of marketing, but simply did not have the time, resources or knowledge to successfully promote their business. They acknowledged that a marketing professional was necessary because if they tried to do it themselves they could cause more harm than good.

WINNS then became one of our retainer clients in August 2017. A retainer package is when we can become that company’s marketing department, utilising all of our knowledge and expertise to take the business to new heights which they could not reach without the use of marketing. In the time we have spent working with WINNS, we have managed to increase their monthly site visits by 303.32% and gain an increase of 23.78% in followers on social media. An initial increase is desired, but continued results are the ultimate goal to consistently develop the organisation.

We made sure to implement Inbound Marketing methods and Growth Driven Design to ensure results from the get-go. This includes the creation of 16 conversion focused blogs, sharing those blogs and manage their social media, the creation of 2 irresistible offers, 2 Landing pages and Thank You pages, 2 CTAs, SEO and 2 emails + much much more, including around the clock availability to ensure all efforts are up to expectation. Regular meetings and reports are available to make sure WINNS are happy with their marketing, if they are not we will work with them to try to resolve their issues.

Here is what Alan, Sales And Marketing Director at WINNS Services, had to say about our work together:

We sourced 07 Heaven Marketing to manage all of WINNS’ marketing needs, and they have been working with us to grow our business since August 2017.  The work that they have done has greatly improved our online presence, and has boosted our engagement with online users. Not only have we seen a great improvement in our search rankings, 07 Heaven also work alongside us to train us in the new and upcoming sales and marketing skills and developments, keeping us consistently up to date with the industry. WINNS would like to thank 07 Heaven Marketing for all of their help and support that they have provided, and we look forward to seeing what more our relationship with them can bring.  

We look forward to a happy future with WINNS, providing them with effective and consistent results in their marketing.

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