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Supporting St. Mary's Horse Refuge

We rummaged through our wardrobes and managed to fill five bags full of clothes and miscellaneous for St Mary’s Horse Refuge, a charity shop 6 doors down from our office. 

St. Mary’s House Refuge is a registered charity located in Essex, with five shops open, two located in Rochford, two in Southend-on-Sea and another in Great Wakering.

After 25 years of taking care of horses and ponies in need, Digby Saunders, the founder of Horse Refuge, set up the charity in 2003. St. Mary’s rescues mistreated horses and ponies and provides them with excellent living conditions, food and medical attention.

Donors who contribute their clothes and other miscellaneous to the horse refuge shop help fund the care for the mistreated horses. So far St Mary’s has cared for 15 horses and ponies.

As Luke was clearing out his wardrobes to donate clothes to the horse refuge shop, he asked us to help fill up the bags with some of our old clothing. We like to do what we can to help out the local community once a week.


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