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Leigh Golf Range Website Design

Leigh Golf Range offers practice for all different skills levels, and is open every day of the year except Christmas Day. 

At 07 Heaven we wanted to highlight the welcoming and bright nature of the golf range, and replicate it onto their website. The image slider bar works well in showing off what you can expect from the range, as well as the facilities that they offer. Users have all of the information they may need at a glance, making it an easy to use and efficient website. 


Photo galleries are a perfect way to show off what your company has to offer with visual aids. As Leigh Golf Range offer a service that is interactive, we believe it to be important to give website users an idea of what the business is about by providing relevant images. 


We cater to a range of website needs, no matter how small or large, we at 07 Heaven make sure that our client's websites are tailored to their exact specifications. 



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