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King Edmunds Work Experience at 07 Heaven

Work experience helped give me a taste of the working world and an insight into a career path I thought I was interested in. For these reasons we arealways happy to help school students out when we can by trying to give them a realistic impression of our working week.

For the last 2 weeks we have had 3 students in from King Edmunds School and it was a pleasure. They were all polite, applied themselves and behaved very maturely. At the end of the week, with some guidance from all the staff, they produced some great designs and showed a real understanding of the training they had been given.

As with everything we do its great to get feed back, and below is what we recieved.



Sydney Jane Hicks

"I have worked here for 2 weeks, 2nd Feb till 13th Feb. I’ve enjoyed every minute. The staff, Toby, Ashley 1, Ashley 2 and Luke have been very welcoming and helpful. Even from the second day I have felt part of the team. So I thank them all for my first time in the working world. I would also like to thank Aaron and James (the two people who came here with me for work experience) for making me look less of an idiot. I will definitely treasure this time I have spent here and the funny moments.

Thank you


Year 10 KES"



James Shardlow

"During my 2 weeks at 07 Heaven Digital Marketing I felt like I was part of the team. I was really captivated by the task that I was set.

At the end of the 2 weeks I was really happy with not only the amount of work, but also the quality. I feel that the quality and standard of all my work in the future will have increased thanks to the help and guidance from everyone at the company.

When I came to the company it was a real eye opener into the world of a graphic designer and I am very thankful to everyone there.


Year 10 / King Edmund School"



Aaron Smith

"During my 2 weeks at work experience I’ve loved everyday, bringing something different to the table and changing my first thoughts of of what I though this new experience would be like. I thank everyone who was here as they made me feel at home and one of the family here.

What to say about the Staff at 07 Heaven;

Ashley N: A funny, crazy, power rangers fan, who when asked us why the company is the best he said it was because of him.

Toby: Someone who looks like the singer example, although being a Liverpool fan is an nice guy who is funny to talk to.

Ashley J: Although being very quiet is a very helpful and caring character who likes to help others.

Luke: Although not seeing him as much as the others due he has a business to run, but a great leader that keeps everyone in check. seeing his movie collection he must be a great guy.

All the best for the future,



If you know someone that would like to gain some valuable work experience in any of the areas that we offer then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01702 462667 or email us on

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