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A Better Start Southend: 'Intro 2 Enterprise'

Recently our managing director, Luke Stillwell, teamed up with 'A Better Start Southend' by assisting them on one of the amazing free courses they provide for the local community in Southend and the surrounding areas. 

Better Start Southend are a partnership of local organisations who have years of experience working with families and young children. Most importantly, they are working with local parents and carers to find out what needs to change if we are going to give Southend’s children the best start they can have.

The focus on three specific areas of a child’s development; Diet and Nutrition, Social and Emotional Development and Communication and Language. 

Visit their website here. 


Intro 2 Enterprise

The 'Intro 2 Enterprise' was a free workshop to provide the information needed to set up and start a business, for both young adults and parents with a business idea. 

It consisted of video presentations, emailed handouts and one-to-one phone and video support. 

Within the course the attendees learnt: 

  • An introduction to running a business
  • Basic business finance 
  • Essential marketing 
  • The start up market place 


Our managing director Luke received feedback from one of the parents that he assisted: 


"Luke from 07 Heaven Marketing gave me so much info on having a business and what to do and what you shouldn’t do it was just amazing. He has his own business, and he could explain to me things that you wouldn’t think about. It was really amazing especially since it was online as we can't go out. Really useful. The one to one was really useful as well.”



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