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How has Coronavirus affected 07 Heaven Marketing?

Our Managing Director Luke Stillwell recently helped an old friend by featuring on an interview to document their experiences during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Luke had this to say about the experience:

"I was asked by an old friend and business owner to help him document these unprecedented times we are living in, to give my perspective.

I think during this pandemic it is important to discuss and share information to help in any way possible. A big ethos of mine and the company’s is if you can help each other and get a win then you should always go for it.

We discussed a bit personally of how I am coping as an individual. I am lucky that I have a lot of business ideas to keep me busy and I do not mind my own space. Hopefully opening and admitting that it is still difficult and helps to have group chats with family and friends.

How Coronavirus has affected 07 Heaven Marketing Luke_Avatar

We discussed the effect on the business and how we have allowed our clients to pause contracts to help them through the difficult time. We could have upheld the contract and made life easier for us, but that would have been short-sighted from a business perspective and morally wrong in my opinion.

During the interview, we spoke about how we think things will look on the other side, pure conjecture but you have to have some plan in place. With most plans, they never go exactly how you expected them, but having one at least allows you to make educated decisions and keeps you moving forward."

Check out the full interview here.


If anyone is looking for any help throughout the coronavirus lockdown, whether it be just to bounce business ideas or specifically around marketing, our managing Director is happy to chat. Please get in contact with him directly using his email

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