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07 Heaven’s Work Experience - Eleanor’s Story

For the last week, we have had Eleanor Turner (A-level student at Seevic College, Benfleet) participating in work experience here at 07 Heaven. She came to us with a genuine passion for Marketing and Photography, ready to add to her long list of experience in the industry. In particular, Eleanor wanted to focus on HOW websites get customers, therefore, we have developed her knowledge of Inbound Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation.



Pippa showing Eleanor how to create Pay-Per-Click adverts on Google

Eleanor is aspiring to complete her A-levels then go on to an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing. Therefore, she wanted to conduct work experience in a Marketing Agency to truly immerse herself in the strategic methods in order to get someone from visitor to customer for a business. The varied nature of working in a marketing agency means Eleanor has been able to properly nurture her knowledge of the industry, something that was lacking before her placement here.


Eleanor completing her Inbound Marketing HubSpot course

During her time here, Eleanor has written two AMAZING blogs that are of real quality. We are proud to have them on our blog, you can check them out here:

How I Can Promote My Website

How To Promote Your Company On Social Media



Pippa (Client & Strategy Manager) showing Eleanor how to optimise blog posts

The content Eleanor has written is accurate, relevant and appropriate to the reader. She also optimised it for search engines! Utilising the skills that we have given her during her time here. Pippa, our Client & Strategy Manager, personally taught and guided Eleanor during her placement. Pippa said the following about Eleanor “Eleanor has shown great talent in the areas that she has been working on with us. Her ability to learn complex processes and ideas in such a short time frame really shows her willingness to adapt to new tasks and roles. It has been an absolute pleasure to have her here with us, she has a very bright future ahead of her!”



We bonded with Eleanor over some cake and chocolate

As Eleanor has expressed her desire to become an apprentice in Digital Marketing, she made sure to have a discussion with our Content Creator, Ellie. Ellie has previously completed her level 3 Digital Marketing apprenticeship and is on her way to completing her level 4. Ellie explained the basis of an apprenticeship, giving her tips and tricks on how to succeed in the industry. One of her favourite pieces of advice is to get as much experience as possible in the job role that you want to go in to. Ellie added “Make sure to ring companies! An email can easily be lost, by ringing you are showing your eagerness to gain experience within their specific business and that you are not afraid to be bold in your approach… it may be scary but you will definitely reap the benefits”.



Ellie explaining the different routes to a career in Marketing, with an emphasis on apprenticeships

We would like to thank Eleanor for being wonderful to work with, you were a delight to teach. We wish you the best of luck for your future in the industry, although we know you won’t need it!

We are always looking to work with individuals with a passion for marketing. If you like the idea of experiencing working at an upbeat, friendly and expert marketing agency, get in contact today- Give us a call on 01702 410663 or email us at

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