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07 Heaven Digital Marketing - A Re-Brand

At 07 Heaven Digital Marketing we are proud creators and advisors of branding and design. We utilise our expertise and offer the best solution for your business and it's ever growing future. 

As it turns out, we were so proud of our branding skills that we decided to give ours a complete makeover. 


With the creation of our new logo last year, we wanted to kick start our new financial year by bringing all aspects of our brand together. Using our brand new marketing logo we have moulded a new structure for our design to set a precedence, with all of our future branding and that of clients to be as effectual and considered as our own.


Our new design principles are based upon a combination of team knowledge gathered from the individuals here. An amalgamation of input from the client, marketing knowledge, design principals and first hand knowledge of branding application. Our team has become the perfect design solution and welcomes any challenge presented by our clients. 

With the creation and implementation of our new branding comes a greater sense of purpose as our team grows and our client base increases. 


In order for us to redesign our brand it took time and careful consideration, so that we could continue to work upon clients projects without becoming disillusioned and losing focus. The most important aspect of our business is our clients and we wish to continue a great relationship with all of our clients, whilst introducing new ones.


Our company strapline "Let's build together" epitomises our belief that if our clients grow then we will grow with them. Happiness is our key to a successful partnership. 


As you can see, whilst reading this blog we have considered every possible and necessary element in order to create a very significant website. 


Our website is the outcome of a collection of well-rounded design work and editing for our overall brand identity. We have followed the design principles of our predecessors and evolved into a substantial brand that is well-equiped for our clients needs.




If you wish to consult us about your branding solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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